Created by Matt “Zxodiac” Jones, ZxodiacGames aims to demystify and lift any stigmas of the expanding gaming culture. It promotes fun, interactive, social gaming activities for everyone, regardless of age, experience, background or ability.

Focused on games which create unique and memorable moments, ZxodiacGames champions Collective-Storytelling, Role-Playing and improv systems. ZxodiacGames provides regular Role-Playing sessions and monthly gaming events as well as bespoke sessions (e.g. parties for children and/or adults) and corporate focused events. The possibilities are endless: with theme, concept and goal being fully customisable to suit your every need.

“Matt is a consummate GamesMaster and storyteller. He engages all the players in his scenarios and his priority is to make sure everyone has a good time and experiences their ‘hero moment’. Not many gamemasters can do that. A creative genius who is a veritable Pandora’s Box of ideas and adventures.” Kendra H.